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 but I only speak the truth. and I’ll always bleed for you.


hOT DAMN WHAT!!!! I was going through my Grooveshark account from like 9th grade and there was a lot of Blink n whatever but then B R A I N S T E W by GREEN DAY like I USED TO JUST STARe aT THE CEILING AND PLAY THIS SON G ON REPEAT THIS IS AMAZING nostalgia omfg

I couldn’t find it but Bo oh my goodness, I missed his stupid voice





I dunno what I’m supposed to say here. You’re really great. Like, I love talking to you and joking with you and somehow you don’t find me annoying and you like me and that’s weird?? You go along with my stupid jokes and it’s great!! You are my favorite person on this website and like in general. I kind of get mentally lost when you’re not around to talk to so I’m really glad you’re here, y’know? I love you so much!! Okay. Yeah. Bye.




are YOU still stuck in 2005? do YOU spend way too much money on eyeliner? do YOU wear skinny jeans and cry because of some super emo dude? well then this is the network for YOU!
the emo network: made by emo kids for emo kids
okay so freja tiffanyscrews and klari superpvnk one day decided to make a network for people as emo as us, and here it is!
things we will do in this network:
be friends!
group chats
cards against humanity
also reblog each others selfies and posts under the tag #emonet
here’s the rules:
must be following superpvnk and tiffanyscrews (ya sorry)
everyone follows everyone
please dont try to get in unless youre planning on being active
that means if youre only tryna get it for more notes on selfies sorry no
be nice to each other!
track the tag #emonet and follow the blog (u don’t have to do that unless you get in though)
“sounds rad, how do i join?” you probably hopefully think by now, well,
here’s how to get in:
fill out the survey
reblog the post (likes dont count but like for reference if u wanna i guess)
we’ll pick members on monday the 4th of august (in 10 days)
and then we’ll send you an ask if you get in
its actually that simple
we will be picking 18 members and will contact you if you got in
good luck to everyone!!

hey, we’re letting in some more people! a week from now, (september the 2nd), we’ll be letting 5 more people in! if you’ve already applied and didnt get in, you’ll still be considered, so good luck!

this ends tomorrow, so last chance!

I don’t really like those ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ jokes because Billie Joe wrote that song about his dad who died of cancer so I personally just find them kind of sad

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